Alia and the Boy: Replay the Lifeguard Scene

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Three security officers have been quiet since their presence in Japan was felt. The first to notice is the founder of Heaven. Tonight His sword will be drawn...

Mistress Anya, Aaron Deschanel, Mistress Aria, and Window Cane

Featuring Ursula and Viper Shibari


Alia and the Boy: The Conflict of Electricity Loss

Book 3

Replay the Lifeguard Scene

A Literary Film

Written and Directed by
Dan Sherrill
Mistress Aria
Wooden Box Theater

Executive Producer - Mara Mars

Contributing writer - Miss Ammunition

Wooden Box Theater is published by

Mistress Aria of Chicago

and is a

Gothic Art Chicago

Wooden Box Theater is Feral, Ammunition, Colleena, Dan, Aria, Asura and Heather

General Manager - Heather Weidrich

There are so many people that worked on this story and saw it from beginning to end. I don't even know where to start.

This novel would not be here without the help of Mistress Aria, Maria the Purple Goddess, Mistress Xena, Angela Eve, Miss Ammunition, and Miss Maya Sinstress.

I sought out help for the end of the story from a close friend of mine, who came through with flying colors. Thank you so much Miss Ammunition. I have very few heroes that I look up to in my life and I am proud to call you one of them. Not only are you one of the most genuine, and creative people that I've ever known, but since the first time I met you at the Loft you have done nothing but support me and be there as a friend. I'd be lost without you half the time. Thank you, Ammo.

This story is brutally, emotionally, and helplessly honest, and I hope all who read it get the full effect out it.

Special thanks to Gothic Art Chicago Peter Propaganda and Jennifer Buckley, who signed on while I was halfway done with this project, but have since been incredibly amazing and understanding.

Thank you Mistress Cleo, Xena, Feral, Micah, Candyxxx, Krysten Corruption, Spooky Heather, Micah, Nicodemus, Mike from Cyanotic, Jilt, Miss Jaded, Dvnt Dom, Mara and Steve Mars, Natasha and Joshua H, Volium and Vine, Lilly Prinn, Pretty Pistol, Subgirl, Mistress Anya and Vito, Ashtray Tom, Mr. Squirter, Bill Leighly, Mistress Asura, Rachel Comia, Mistress Simone, Richard, all my friends at the Continuum, Exit and Kinetic Playground, Paul Garza, Ron Fitzgerald and Kelly, everyone who came to my 30th birthday party. The best ever! Rachel Brunson, Lori Herbig, Jon Bockman, GiGi Deluxe, DJ Mike Spatula. Vicky Brooks, everyone who's loaned me gas money to get to and from Chicago and work, the people who have tried so many times to explain the Mistress/slave stuff to me. Still hasn't really sank in though.

Thank you EyeSkape, and Abbey, John from Kickstand Productions, Rob from Seaworthy, Dan McCabe, Ted McCarron, Ericia and Ryan Read, Angel Haven, Susan Bessinger, Heather and Dan Weidrich, Colleena Corrigan, everyone down at the Riverside Pub, Christine Critter, Empress Skeeter. Every one of my friends at Civic Appeal. Thank you all.
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