300 Stupendously Amazing Barak Obama Anagrams For World Distribution and Liberation

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Here is a sample: Anagrams, or the rearrangment of letters of a phrase, have been often said to contain hidden wisdom. The letters of "President Barak Obama" rearrange to: A BERSERK TOP BAD MANIA. Masked, Barbarian poet. Break-in as adept rambo. Deep mask to barbarian! Ape mask! Deboniare brat! I'm a drabber top sneak. A dark rambo ape in beast. I am top-rank as bad beer! A kind rambo beats rape! As to dark apeman bribe! Bear apeman, aborts kids! I'm a bat-eared prank SOB. Embark on bad parasite! I am a pest, broken bard. I'm a bastard, peak boner. I am a bastard peer knob. I'm an absorbed peak rat. Barbarian stampede, OK? Peak brain or mad beast? Pea-Brained Task Rambo Do make barabarian pest. Barbarian adopts meek. A naked Barbarian poet. Make barbarian despot. Abort pea-brained mask. I'm a broken bastard ape. Adepts, I am broken arab. Am broken, bad parasite. As to dark apeman bribe. Mad to keep barabarians. Steep, mad barbarian, ok? Adopt a keen barabarism. I'm a bad aberrant spoke. Mated barbarian spoke. Ranked a bomb parasite. I'm a broken bad ape star. Seek top mad barbarian. Arab Brain, stampede ok? Ok, made barbarian pest! O Man! Rapid beast! Break! Drab brains make a poet! Mad brain, peak boaster. Rape OK, made brain beast! Makes a drab brain poet! Bad pirate rambo snake. The letters of "President Barack Obama" rearrange to: Bonk! I'm a bastard creep! A berserk top bad maniac. An Arab backed Imposter. I'm a carpeted Arab's knob! Prick aboard mean beast! Became barabaric as top-rank. So barbaric: keen, apt, mad. Bad points break camera! I'm a reprobate, bad snack. Apt barbaric, and so meek! Reprobate, akin bad scam! I'm a packed, abberant SOB. Adopt me, barbaric snake! A rabid, macabre pest, ok? Rabid crab, mean beast, ok? Pea-brained brat scam, ok? Keep satanic rambo bard! Kept as a barbaric demon! Kept barbaric, as moaned. Spoke barabaric mandate. Crap! I am a dear beast knob! Crap! Am broad snakebite! Peak absorbed, maniac rat. Mark bad braincase poet. Apart, brain mocked base. Rancid peak rambo beast. A crabbier top mad snake! Bonk sad macabre pirate. A kind ape; rat race bombs! Ace Bastard! Prime knob! Am a bat-eared prick snob! Tackier SOB! Drab Apeman! Top barbaric, mad as keen. Pea-brained brats ok cam! Mad poet, Barbaric snake. Bad cobra rape mistaken. Mad brabarian, coke pets. Mad poet! Barbaric sneak! I am a bastard knob creep. Probe dark maniac beast! Barabarian packs demon. Neat dope, mask barbaric! Abasement, prick abroad! Became rabid as top rank. Mean beast prick abroad! Rapid abasement, ok? Crap! Ape bomb, stark radiance. A bomb eradicates prank! The letters of "President Barack Hussein Obama" rearrange to all of the following: Brainsick boneheads up a master. Brainsick masters up a bonehead. Snobberies shack up rat idea man. O Dear Me! Brains in beast shack up! America's bandits up boneshaker! Handsome ape brain suckers bait. Snobbish idea man; rat race pukes! Sucker bait ensnares mad phobia! Please help guard The First Amendment and this document from any future form of state 1984ish censorship. Help everyone around you and yourself by sharing this small PDF of 300+ Amazing President Barack Obama - incredibly spiritually awakening and uplifting - Anagrams that incredibly expose him and his work for the horrendous fraud against humanity they he and the current global New World Order agenda represent. Don't listen to Dan Brown, the Illuminati are a real cancer upon both the Earth and humanity. They must be brought to justice. God the Creator is real and the dramatic proof is definitely in the pudding of these anagrams. See for yourself! You will be stunned (perhaps with giggles, over 100 times, at least.) Archive.org thank you for defending the First Amendment at all costs, especially in relations to artistic expressions of free political speech such as this.
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