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the story of the negro the rise of the race from slavery volume 01

the story of the negro the rise of the race from slavery volume 02

address prepared by mr booker t washington for delivery at a dinner given by t

address of booker t washington delivered at the alumni dinner of harvard unive

the negro problem a series of articles by representative american negroes of to

the rights and duties of the negro an address delivered by booker t washingto

up from slavery an autobiography

the negro in the south his economic progress in relation to his moral and relig

the future of the american negro

Booker T Washington was an American educator, orator, author and the dominant leader of the African-American community nationwide from the 1890s to his death. Washington was born slave. After the Civil War he became head of Tuskegee Institute, then a teachers' college for blacks. His "Atlanta Exposition" speech of 1895 appealed to middle class whites across the South, asking them to give blacks a chance to work and develop separately, while implicitly promising not to demand the vote. Washington united blacks across the nation but his work fell apart after his death. Washington fought hard for the education of blacks. He felt strongly that corporation was the best way to work with whites for the betterment of the black race.

tuskegee its people their ideals and achievements

This book was published in 1905 and includes Booker T. Washington as an author. This mainly deals with theTuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute and the graduates of this instutiion.

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