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Lady Oracle

Joan Foster is the bored wife of a myopic ban-the-bomber. She takes off overnight as Canada's new superpoet, pens lurid gothics on the sly, attracts a blackmailing reporter, skids cheerfully in and out of menacing plots, hair-raising traps, and passionate trysts, and lands dead and well in Terremoto, Italy. In this remarkable, poetic, and magical novel, Margaret Atwood proves yet again why she is considered to be one of the most important and accomplished writers of our time.

Moral Disorder

Margaret Atwood has frequently been cited as one of the foremost writers of our time. MORAL DISORDER, her moving new book of fiction, could be seen either as a collection of ten stories that is almost a novel or as a novel broken up into ten stories. It resembles a photograph album—a series of clearly observed moments that trace the course of a life, and also the lives intertwined with it—those of parents, of siblings, of children, of friends, of enemies, of teachers, and even of animals. And as in an album, times change: the 30s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s, the 70s and 80s, the present time—all are here. The settings are equally varied: large cities, suburbs, farms, northern forests.

Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake explores developments in science and technology such as xenotransplantation and genetic engineering, particularly the creation of transgenic animals such as wolvogs, rakunks, and pigoons. This society, which not only tolerates but promotes such extreme commercialization and commodification of life, has also produced an exacerbated gap between rich and poor, as well as the commodification of human life and sexuality in prostitution and online child pornography.

Dancing Girls

Pregnant women, students and journalists, farmers and bird-watchers, ex-wives, adolescent lovers - and dancing girls: all ordinary people - or are they? This collection of short stories, by the author of "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Cat's Eye", offers a study of human motivation.

Cat's Eye

Elaine Risley, a painter, returns to Toronto to find herself overwhelmed by her past. Memories of childhood surface relentlessly, forcing her to confront the spectre of Cordelia, once her best friend and tormentor, who has haunted her for 40 years.

The Robber Bride

From the author of GOOD BONES and MURDER IN THE DARK, telling of a woman who is by turns manipulative, vulnerable, needy and ruthless, and apparently dead, the main characters having attended her funeral, but five years later she is back.

The Handmaid's Tale

In this multi-award-winning, bestselling novel, Margaret Atwood has created a stunning Orwellian vision of the near future. This is the story of Offred, one of the unfortunate “Handmaids” under the new social order who have only one purpose: to breed. In Gilead, where women are prohibited...

Alias Grace

A decade and a half has passed since Grace was locked up, at the age of 16, for the cold-blooded murders of her employer Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper/lover Nancy Montgomery. Her alleged accomplice, James McDermot, was hanged in 1843. Dr Simon Jordan attempts to uncover the truth.

The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus

In The Odyssey, Penelope - daughter of King Icarius of Sparta, and the cousin of the beautiful Helen of Troy - is portrayed as the quintessential faithful wife. Atwood's dazzling retelling of the old myth is as haunting as it is wise and compassionate, as disturbing as it is entertaining. With incomparable wit and verve, she gives the story of Penelope new life and reality.

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