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The human worth of rigorous thinking: essays and addresses


Mathematical philosophy, a study of fate and freedom; lectures for educated laymen


Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. "A lecture delivered at Columbia University in the series on science, philosophy and art, October 16, 1907."

The human worth of rigorous thinking; essays and addresses

Reprinted from "various scientific, literary, and philsophical journals." cf. Pref The human worth of rigorous thinking.--The human significance of mathematics.--The humanization of the teaching of mathematics.--The walls of the world; or, Concerning the figure and the dimensions of the universe of space.--Mathematical emancipations: dimensionality and hyperspace.--The universe and beyond: the existence of the hypercosmic.--The axiom of infinity: a new presupposition of thought.--The permanent basis of a liberal education.--Graduate mathematical instruction for graduate students not intending to become mathematicians.--The source and functions of a university.--Research in American universities.--Principia mathematica.--Concerning multiple interpretations of postulate systems and the "existence" of hyperspace.--Mathematical productivity in the United States.--Mathematics

The new infinite and the old theology

Science and religion, the rational and the supperrational


The plane geometry of the point in point-sapce of four dimension

Reprinted from the American journal of mathematics, vol. 25, no. 4 Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University

The pastures of wonder; the realm of mathematics and the realm of science

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