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The Year's Best Horror Stories

This anthology contains: Penny Daye by Charles L. Grant; Dwindling by David B. Silva; Dead Men's Fingers by Phillip C. Heath; Dead Week by Leonard Carpenter; Bunny Didn't Tell Us by David J. Schow; Pinewood by Tanith Lee; The Night People by Michael Reaves; Ceremony by William F. Nolan; The Woman in Black by Dennis Etchison; Beside the Seaside Beside the Sea by Simon Clark; Mother's Day by Stephen F. Wilcox; Lava Tears by Vincent McHardy; Rapid Transit by Wayne Allen Sallee; The Weight of Zero by John Alfred Taylor; John's Return to Liverpool by Christopher Burns; In Late December, Before the Storm by Paul M. Sammon; Red Christmas by David S. Garnett; Too Far Behind Gradina by Steve Sneyd; The Sneering by Ramsey Campbell; and the introduction: Nurturing Nightmares by Karl Edward Wagner

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