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Finger Lickin Fifteen

Stenley Chipotle comes to Trenton to take a part in barbecue cook-off and loses his head – literally. Lula is a witness to the crime and the one person she will talk to is Joe Morelli. Chipotle’s sponsor offers a million-dollar reward to anyone who can provide the information about killers. Lula recruits Stephanie Plum to help her find killers and collect moolah. Stephanie is tracking felons and snooping for security expert Ranger. Can Stephanie hunt 1 killers and what will happened next is on the pages of this book…

To the Nines

Stephanie Plum, Lula and Grandma face that time a really great problems. Stephanie is pursued to make her way into Las Vegas, where she meets the whole cast of characters, that could only exist in this city. There she finds Sally Sweet, Joe Morelli, her ex-lover and Ranger, her patron, with this people Stephanie plunges into great night adventure she has never had before.

One for the Money

Stephanie Plum is so smart, so honest, and so funny that her narrative charm could drive a documentary on termites. But this tough gal from New Jersey, an unemployed discount lingerie buyer, has a much more interesting story to tell: She has to say that her Miata has been repossessed and that she's so poor at the moment that she just drank her last bottle of beer for breakfast. She has to say that her only chance out of her present rut is her repugnant cousin Vinnie and his bail-bond business. She has to say that she blackmailed Vinnie into giving her a bail-bond recovery job worth $10,000 (for a murder suspect), even though she doesn't own a gun and has never apprehended a person in her life. And she has to say that the guy she has to get, Joe Morelli, is the same creep who charmed away her teenage virginity behind the pastry case in the Trenton bakery where she worked after school.
If that hard-luck story doesn't sound compelling enough, Stephanie's several unsuccessful attempts at pulling in Joe make a downright hilarious and suspenseful tale of murder and deceit. Along the way, several more outlandish (but unrelentingly real) characters join the story, including Benito Ramirez, a champion boxer who seems to be following Stephanie Plum wherever she goes.

Sizzling Sixteen

Stephanie is still making the same mistakes without the ability that even a 2 year old has to learn from them. Stephanie has become that relative that you remember liking 12 years ago but when you saw them recently you thought "what happened to them...they are so annoying". There isn't much in the way of Ranger or Joe and just a little too much Lula. If you have read the earlier books then you have read this book. Same destroyed cars, Ranger still handing them out like they are candy, Lula is on another diet, Steph still stumbling around and getting lucky.

Hot Six

'Hot Six' is well worth the wait. Those looking for a funny and exiting read will also be fulfilled. Stephanie runs through the book in a comedy of errors; plagued by a killer zit, Pakistani hitmen and her near senile Grandma Mazur. Ranger, Stephanie's mentor and sometime partner (not to mention object of her lust) has Failed To Appear to court. To make matters worse, he was caught on security camera leaving a building that was soon after torched, and contained one very dead gangster's son. Stephanie tries to help him stay on top of the law (and is dangerously near to ending up underneath him) as well as dealing with a new room-mate (her Grandma), a new furry friend, a boyfriend so hot that he's almost melting, and a plethora of dangerous but amusing FTAs. The gang from Vinnie's Bond Agency are all there, Lula, Connie and even the repulsive Joyce Barnhardt. It has been interesting to follow the character growth of (especially) Stephanie and Joe Morelli. We find this here as Stephanie gets a little more hardcore and Joe shows one or two emotions.

Seven Up

Stephanie calls Ranger for help and the heat is turned up on the relationship between Ranger and Stephanie.
Joe and Stephanie and speaking of the idea on marriage. Of course Stephanie's family is all for the idea!
Mooner, who was introduced in the last book plays a bigger role.
Stephanie and Lula are riding a Harley this book.

Two for the Dough

Stephanie's new case was supposed to be simple. Kenny Mancuso had shot his friend, not fatally, and then skipped out on his bond. Should be real simple, right? Of course, first she has to find Kenny. Then his friend is murdered. Trying to track down any leads, she joins Grandma Mazur at a funeral home run by Spiro, another of Kenny's childhood friends. But Spiro has a case of his own. 24 caskets have been stolen, and he wants Stephanie to hunt them down. Is there a connection? With Ranger to advise and Joe Morelli to shadow, will Stephanie put all the pieces in place and catch Kenny before he turns on her?
Stephanie Plum is an appealing heroine. She acts tough, but in reality she's all too human. The plot is complicated enough to keep the reader engaged, and the action never lets up. There were several parts I thought I had figured out only to learn later I was wrong. And Grandma Mazur is a riot as she gets more involved in the story.
It's easy to see why these books are so popular - an appealing main character and fun stories. If you're looking for purely escapist fiction, this is the series for you.

Four to Score

In this installment, Stephanie Plum is back with a bang. The accident prone ditzy bounty hunter manages to get blown out of her car and apartment, and into Joe Morelli's spare bedroom.

In addition to her trusty sidekick Lula, she now has a nearly seven foot tall transvestite musician (who's not gay), and her pistol-packing Grandma in her conspicuous entourage.

The case this time is to bring in a waitress who's skipped bail. Like all her other assignments, this one sounds easier than it looks, and before you can say "pepper spray" things start heating up. To make matters worse, Morelli's family has the grapevine buzzing, and her sleazy cousin Vinnie has assigned her long-time arch rival to the same case.

The steam picks up this time around, and the sparks between Stephanie and Joe are as hot as Trenton in a heat wave.

Ten Big Ones

Stephanie Plum, girl bounty hunter, the terror of Trenton, the bane of her boyfriend Joe Morelli's existence, and the delight of her crazy grandma's heart, is in the wrong place at the wrong time--as usual. Just happening to be indulging her nachos jones at a local deli when it's robbed by the notorious Red Devils, Plum is the eye witness who could put the gang leader, known as the Junkman, behind bars... if he just lets her live long enough. Looking for a place to hide out from the killer until the cops catch up with him, Stephanie sneaks into her fellow bounty hunter Ranger's apartment without telling Morelli, who's not overly fond of him. All the usual suspects in this long-running series are along for a wilder than ever ride, including Lula the gun-toting ex-hooker, Grandma Mazur, Stephanie's pregnant sister Valerie and her fiancé, as well as a host of minor characters who bring Trenton's seedier environs to life.

Hard Eight

Stephanie Plum is a the bombshell bounty hunter from New Jersey. She always has some problems. Her relationship with Joe Morelli is breaking. But adding to all this, she agrees to help her neighbor, whose daughters were suddenly disappeared. Where the girls have gone? What really has happened? Stephanie is ought to find the real truth…

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