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The Venetian's Midnight Mistress

That night was the most amazing of Dani's life, but with a failed marriage behind her she never wants to wed again. But Niccolo has other ideas.. When Dani announces she's pregnant with his baby, the uncompromising Italian has only one demand: she will become his wife!

His Bid for a Bride

When Skye O'Hara's life is rocked by tragedy, she's reunited with Falkner Harrington - her father's enigmatic business partner. Needing some time to consider her future, Skye has no other option but to accept when Falkner offers her the sanctuary of his home. However, the fiery redhead soon suspects that Falkner has a secret agenda - especially when he proposes a marriage of convenience. It's an offer Skye is tempted to accept . . . if only she can discover Falkner's true motives!

Romance of a Lifetime

That was the advice Beth's worldly-wise mother gave her. "It's the only way to get over a disastrous affair." Beth wasn't sure she really wanted to see more of attractive Marcus Craven. Not that Marcus was giving her any option; his pursuit of Beth following their chance meeting in Verona had been decidedly single-minded. But something held her back from confiding in him. She had the strange feeling that Marcus knew more about her past than she would ever have revealed. And, to be honest, Beth was also afraid to fall in love again....

subtle revenge

a women falls is love with man and ends up running away form him because her past catches up to her.

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