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with the indians in the rockies

With the Indians in the rockies is a wonderful collection of stories intended for those readers and researches interested in the culture and traditions of the American Indians. The collection is devoted to the pretty rare works on the subject that earlier were available only in libraries. The book covers the life before the year of 1923 and researches the influence of the West on the Indian American culture. It starts with narrating about the first immigrants to the American continent, goes on with describing the exploration and development of the American West, and ends up with showing the daily life of the Indians. The pictures of ordinary people who inhabited the region are included. The book reminds everyone that the Indian culture is a part of the modern American culture, a very valuable part. The collection combines poetry, fiction, non-fiction, tourist guides, biographies and drama.

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the loyalists in the american revolution

This book gives an insight of the political life and activity of the Loyalists who presented the majority only in some colonies and in the most of them they constituted the minority. The author who worked with primary data, has researched the records of 100000 Americans who had to move to Canada as to an exile.

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the magic story of success

The Magic Story of Success became the world-wide bestseller immediately after being published in 1900 in the original Success Magazine. Since then it was re-published more then 1000 times. The book is pretty small but it does not make it less valuable and remarkable. It is divided into two parts. The first part narrates about the life of a poor artist who used to starve before he bought an old scrapbook book that cost 3 cents. This book entirely changed his life. As the artist says himself, that book contained a magic story. The artist widespread the story and everyone whom he told it was blessed with success which is really magical. The second part contains that original magic story. It is recommended that those readers who desire to become successful should read Part 2 first. EXTRACT FROM THE BOOK: PART 2 My father, then, was a seafaring man who, early in life, forsook his vocation, and settled on a plantation in the colony of Virginia, where, some years thereafter, I was born, which event took place in the year 1642; and that was over a hundred years ago. Better for my father had it been, had he hearkened to the wise advice of my mother, that he remain in the calling of his education; but he would not have it so, and the good vessel he captained was bartered for the land I spoke of. Here beginneth the first lesson to be aquired:Man should not be blinded to whatsoever merit exists in the opportunity which he hath in hand, remembering that a thousand promises for the future should weigh as naught against the possession of a single piece of silver...

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the life stories of undistinguished americans as told by themselves

The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans, as the title says, is a collection of autobiographies of different people, who did not obtain power, fame or wallow in money. The book is remarkable for its vivid characters, emotions and life experience of those who lived in this country at the turn of the last century. First published in 1906, it became the main source of information about various strata of society and ethnic groups of that time.

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willie and his papa and the rest of the family volume 1

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Bidrag til det norske sprogs historie i Irland

Includes bibliographical references and index 26 27

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Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina [serial] 51 (1904)

After 1939 Transactions published in the North Carolina medical journal

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Jacob Collamer

Includes bibliographical references

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The Coccidae of Ceylon pt. 1


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A treatise on astronomical spectroscopy:

"A bibliography of astronomical spectroscopy": p. [427]-472

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