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River Marked

Mercy Thompson is a simple car mechanic, but all her life he feeling that she isn’t a common, there something unusual inside her. Mercy is a shapeshifter, a talent she inherited from her long-gone father. She’s never known any others of her kind. Until now. An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River—one that her father’s people may know something about. And to have any hope of surviving, Mercy and her mate, the Alpha werewolf Adam, will need their help

Police Your Planet

Spaceship is directing to Mars with a man on board. A knife, 100 credits and no possibility to return back to Earth – that is all what he has. Gambler, cop, fighter, reporter and all these with prefix «ex» - that is Bruce Gordon. With him you will face a lot of blood and violence… but that is not the main theme of the book. Have you ever dreamed about terraforming of Mars? Now you have this chance with science fiction novel! Real man, captivating, fast-changing plot… all that will not let you put the book down till you read it to the end!

The Flying Saucers are Real

The book follows the subject of investigation of the flying saucer phenomenon. The author, a journalist and former Marine pilot Donald Edward Keyhoe, is sure of their existence and their unearth origin. This was one of the first works published about the UFO phenomena, describing real case studies and highly reliable witnesses. Though these cases are still unexplained.

ponce de leon the rise of the argentine republic an estanciero

memoirs of general william t sherman volume 1

Introduction to metallography

Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

must we fight japan


Freedom is a very dangerous thing indeed. It is so catching-like a plague-even the doctors get it. an excerpt from the beginning: Colonel Ilya Simonov tooled his Zil aircushion convertible along the edge of Red Square, turned right immediately beyond St. Basil's Cathedral, crossed the Moscow River by the Moskvocetski Bridge and debouched into the heavy, and largely automated traffic of Pyarnikskaya. At Dobryninskaya Square he turned west to Gorki Park which he paralleled on Kaluga until he reached the old baroque palace which housed the Ministry. There were no flags, no signs, nothing to indicate the present nature of the aged Czarist building. He left the car at the curb, slamming its door behind him and walking briskly to the entrance. Hard, handsome in the Slavic tradition, dedicated, Ilya Simonov was young for his rank. A plainclothes man, idling a hundred feet down the street, eyed him briefly then turned his attention elsewhere. The two guards at the gate snapped to attention, their eyes straight ahead. Colonel Simonov was in mufti and didn't answer the salute.

Paléographie musicale 1891 v.2

"Les principaux manuscrits de chant grégorien, ambrosien, mozarabe, gallican, publiés en fac-similés phototypiques." Editors: July 1904-1930, A. Mocquereau; 1931- J. Gajard Publication suspended July 1914-Nov. 1921 (t. 11, no. 103, July/Oct. 1914 published Dec. 1921); April 1931-1950, 1954 T. 1-15 also called année [1]-44 on cover 1889-1914 "publiés ... par les Bénedictins le Solesmes."

Meletemata e disciplina antiquitatis

Vol. 1. Pars prima; Anaecdota graeca ex codicibus maxime Palatinis deprompta cum notitia illorum librorum et animadversionibus.- Vol. 2. Pars altera et pars tertia; Commentationes et commentarii in scriptores graecos. [Corinna, Erinna, Plutarch, Aristotle, Theopompus Chius, Dicaerchus] 26

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