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a strike made by boyces big weeklies

norroena embracing the history and romance of northern europe volume 15

dante his life and writings

A concise account by one of Dante's earliest biographers, with a biographical and critical account of Dante's life, education, friends, exile, political views, and major works, especially the Commedia. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

norroena embracing the history and romance of northern europe volume 7

emmanuel college

a pictorial history of america embracing both the northern and southern portion

The history of the popes, from the close of the middle ages : drawn from the secret Archives of the Vatican and other original sources; from the German 18

Half title, v.1-2: Catholic standard library V.1-6 ed. by F.I. Antrobus; v.7-24 ed. by R.F. Kerr; v.25-34 ed. by Ernest Graf; v. 35-40 ed. by E.F. Peeler Publisher varies: v.3-34, K. Paul, Trench Trübner, & co., ltd.; v. 35-40, Routledge and K. Paul, ltd V.3-6, 11-12: 2d edition Bibliographies

A history of the Inquisition of the middle ages v.2

Norroena : embracing the history and romance of northern Europe 15

v. 1-2. The nine books of the Danish history of Saxo Grammaticus.--v. 3-5. Teutonic mythology.--v. 6. The Volsunga saga.--v. 7-9. The Heimskringla.--v. 10. The story of Burnt Njal.--v. 11. The Elder Edda of Saemund Sigfusson, and The Younger Edda of Snorre Sturleson.--v. 12. Romances and epics of our northern ancestors: Norse, Celt and Teuton.--v. 13. A collection of popular tales from the Norse and North German.--v. 14. The Arthurian tales.--v. 15. The Norse discovery of America

Herald of the Golden Age Jan 1909


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