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Amusements in Mathematics

You like to collect puzzles and twist your brain? Then this book is definitely for you. It’s one of the biggest collections of various puzzles based on probability, numbers, algebra… and so much more! Having about 500 illustrations and written in merry style, this book will make you happy and funny for many-many hours and take one of the best places in your collection.

a course of pure mathematics

This book is a perfect example of classic scientific masterpiece. The textbook is crystal clear, well organized, and thorough. "A Course of Pure Mathematics" is great for teaching yourself mathematics. Hardy is a sincerely elegant, fine, incisive thinker, and his unbounded enthusiasm for his subject, duly controlled by British understatement, shines through every page. He conveys the irresistible, almost addictive quality of math. This book is a little quaint. The terminology used by the author is a bit out of date, e.g. ‘sequences’ are ‘functions of a positive integral variable’. But that’s the thing that makes "A Course of Pure Mathematics" so charming. The book contains a lot of examples. This is a great book for teachers, tutors, and certainly students.

descriptive catalogue of essentials oils and organic chemical preparations

mathematical instruction in france

proceedings of the first three republican national conventions of 1856 1860 and

elementary algebra

finding your job sound and practical business methods

co operative production address to the annual conference of the co operative s

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