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The Beautiful and Damned

t Many readers agree that this book is one of the best works by Francis Scott Fitzgerald narrating about an affair between two young people. It is not even an affair; it starts like a real life when lovers are attracted to each other because of their differences but at the end their wish to become rich spoils their relationship. Anthony and Gloria Patch live in New York and wait for the death of Anthony's grandfather as they want to inherit his money. They met in New York suddenly and unexpectedly. Gloria comes from Kansas City; she is very spoiled and is not used to doing any kind of domestic work. She prefers spending time with her friends at cafes and bars, Gloria wants to lead a luxury life eating at expensive restaurants, renting luxury apartments, buying modern cars and so on. The author makes a wonderful plot having written the characters and their love in details. Anthony and Gloria seem to be real and very alive giving them good and bad traits for which readers love them. Other characters are also very bright and memorable, for example, Maury Noble, Anthony's best friend. We also meet a talented writer Richard Caramel who has written his first book and is planning to create a second one searching for inspiration. Joseph Bloeckman is German who moved to America when he was young. You will never forget the friends of the Patches silent Jewess Rachael Barnes and talkative Muriel Kane or Japanese woman Tana who looks for the house of the Patches. The book must be interesting for all readers who are in love or have ever loved in their lives.

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Medieval People

Eileen Power's "Medieval People" sets out to study the Middle Ages not from the Historical abstraction viewpoint, but rather from that of the people who lived during the age. It is an account of six individuals who lived during the MA's; Bodo, a Frankish Peasant; Marco Polo, the famous Venetian merchant; Madame Eglentyne, prioress of Chaucer; an anonymous middle-class Parisian housewife; and two English merchants, one engaged in the wool trade and the other a clothier in Essex. The author has described various aspects of social life of the era by drawing on such sources as account books, diaries, letters, records, and wills. She starts the book with an essay entitled "The Precursors," (that previously has never been published) which describes the barbarian conquest of Rome. In this, she describes the lives of three men, Ausonius, Sidonius and Fortunatus and uses them to predict the life that would re-emerge in the Middle Ages. She starts by imagining a day in the life of the Peasant Bodo, in the time of Charlemagne. From her study of primarily economic documents from the Middle Ages of this time, she not only extrapolates but truly brings to life Bodo and his wife Ermentrude. From there, she goes on to the better documented life of Marco Polo, and also describes how he served as an inspiration for Columbus. Madam Eglentyne is next. Here, Power humorously describes in details the inner workings of a gossipy nunnery and how Eglentyne would have gone about her life as an aristocratic women of God. She next details the life of a middle class Parisian housewife by studying the contents of the Menagier's Wife and validating many of its points by referring to other documents. She concludes by detailing the lives of the two Thomases; Betson and Paycocke of Coggeshall. Both are merchants and provide a chance for Power to really show off her grasp of medieval economics as well as an ability to compile disparate correspondences into a story of a life. This is a rare scientific work that truly entertains while being read. "Medieval people" gives readers a realistic vision of that life, of how people saw the world in those times. This book is a real trip to Medieval times. Eileen Power managed to masterly combine a serious scholar work with a fascinating story that amazes from the very first page. The book is written in a simple readable style easy for understanding (and what is also quite important, for remembering). Divided into several stories about different people, this great work will not ever become boring during reading. It is full of interesting facts, the will surely amaze you. Author’s idea about describing lives of several people is really great, because it gives the chance to make a full all-sided impression about those times. This book will be interesting both for students and their teachers, as it is written in a simple language, and you don’t need to be a professor of History to catch the idea of the work.

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the rights and duties of american citizenship

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III SUFFRAGE Suffrage a Privilege, not a Right. — There is a disposition on the part of many, especially in this country, to demand that the suffrage, or power of voting, be given to every citizen as a natural right, irrespective of his qualification to use it properly. No claim could be less warranted. The suffrage is a privilege, not a natural or inherent right. It is a reward for merit or capacity, not a power to be unconditionally demanded. The citizen is endowed with the privilege of voting, and thereby of participating in the determination of the policies of government and the selection of the officials who shall transact it, in order that by its exercise the good of the state may be maintained. It is, therefore, for the state itself to determine by its laws, when, and by whom, and under what conditions, this power shall be used. As one writer has forcibly said: " The pretension that every man has the necessary qualifications of a citizen simply because he was born twenty-one years ago, is as much as to say that labor, merit, virtue, character, and experience are to count for nothing." As a matter of fact, we do, in this country for the most part, give the suffrage to all adult male citizens, but this is because, upon the whole, they aredeemed qualified to possess it, and because, thereby, all have been given a direct interest in public affairs. But it is believed by many that we have been too precipitate in thus extending the suffrage. Certainly this is true in those states in which aliens who have not yet become citizens have been given the right to vote. As regards the granting of the privilege to the negro population irrespective of capacity, this would seem also to be a mistake. Woman Suffrage. — In a few states the right to vote has been given to wo...

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Reminiscences and impressions of a visit to Rome during the canonization of the Japanese martyrs : a lecture pronounced in Bryan Hall, Dec. 18th, 1862

Boston Public Library (Rare Book Dept.) copy bound with other pamphlets in a volume entitled: Roman Catholic Church

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The story of the ancient nations : a text-book for high schools

"Books for supplementary reading": p. 523-531

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Family newspapers : celebrating Illinois history 2005

"[Fourth] issue of the Family Newspaper Project" The Schroeder family (Lakeland Media, Grayslake) -- The Martin family (Fulton democrat, Lewistown and Mason County democrat, Havana) -- The Richards family (The Regional news, Palos Heights) -- The Galer family (Journal-News, Hillsboro)

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the lakes of northern italy

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER II THE LAKE OF COMO The approach to the lake from Porlezza—Menaggio—Leone Leoni—Nobiallo—La Madonna della Pace—Torpedo-boats and smuggling—" Protection " and some of its consequences —The Sasso Rancio—Rezzonico and Pope Clement XIII.— Cremia and its picture. OF the various approaches to the most fascinating of all the Italian lakes, the Lago Lariano, or Lake of Como, the road leading from Porlezza to Menaggio is, next to the Brianza route, by far the most striking. It is as well to avoid the light railway which conveys tourists from Lugano and its lake, I and to take a carriage previously ordered from I Menaggio to meet the steamer at Porlezza. In this manner the loveliness of the scene which gradually unfolds itself as the carriage passes through a plateau rich in vineyards, meadows, and wooded glades can be enjoyed without the guttural and nasal exclamations of admiration from Germans and Americans, or vapid expressions of enthusiasm from British fellow- travellers. The carriage, moreover, has another advantage over the noisy little train. It will stop at any moment, when its occupants realise that time is needed in order properly to grasp the full beauty of the views which disclose themselves in rapid succession as the road begins to descend the gorge, and the first glimpses of the Larian waters are obtained. Shortly after leaving Porlezza, a small sheet of water, the Lago di Piano, is passed, gay in spring and early summer with yellow iris and tall, feathery reeds waving around the margin, in winter the haunt of various species of wild-fowl. Presently the high mountains above the farther shore of the Lake of Como become visible—Monte Codeno, or, as it is locally called, La Grigna, rising to a height of over seven thousand feet of rock ; Monte Legnone, wit...

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William the Silent

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