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Retrospect yr.1923

Description based on: 1919 Records events, people and news of the school year For a time the school was called P. A. Allen High School 16

The complex vision

Rare Annex copy 1: Gift of Henry W. Sage

Computing large-kernel convolutions of images

Complex integration and Cauchy's theorem

computing large kernel convolutions of images

on intelligence volume 1


The Aldine,Vol. 5,No. 1.,January,1872A Typographic Art Journal

Theory of observations

I. The law of causality.--II. Laws of errors.--III. Tabular arrangements.--IV. Curves of errors.--V. Functional laws of errors.--VI. Laws of errors expressed by symmetrical functions.--VII. Relations between functional laws of errors and half-invariants.--VIII. Laws of errors of functions of observations.--IX. Free functions.--X. Adjustment.--XI. Adjustment by correlates.--XII. Adjustment by elements.--XIII. Special auxiliary methods.--XIV. The theory of probability.--XV. The formal theory of probability.--XVI. The determination of probabilities a priori and a posteriori.--XVII. Mathematical expectation and its mean error

Theory of observations


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