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the spirit of the old folk

by major gambier parry


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ISBN: 0967378400
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...OF THE OLD FOLK BY MAJOR qAMBIER-PARRY AUTHOR OF "ANNALS OF AN ETON HOUSE, " "THE PAGEANT OF MY DAY* "ALLEGORIES OF THE LAND, " ETC. ETC. " Enquire ', / pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to tJie search of their fathers. . . . Shall not they teach thee and tell ihee, and utter words out of their heart?" JOB viii. 8-10. LONDON SMITH, ELDER & CO. , 15 WATERLOO PLACE 1913 [All rights reserved] Printed by BALLANTYNB, HANSON A* Co. At the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh TO MY BROTHER SIDNEY GAMBIER-PARRY IN RECOLLECTION OF THE GOLDEN DAYS WHEN WE TRUDGED THE FIELDS TOGETHER IN FULLEST HEALTH AND STRENGTH 492843 William Dovunmarfs, The Village Green, Loneham, June 21, 1913. MY DEAR S. , You will perhaps be sur- prised when you see that I have dedicated this book to you ; but I think you will be still more surprised when you find this letter addressed to you in print that is, should it ever attain the so-called dignity. But there are one or two things I want to say to you, and as...

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