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the return of the soldier

by West Rebecca

Author: West Rebecca

Literature & Fiction » Classics

Language: English

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This is the best-known West’s novel. The story is told by a spinster whose whole life revolves around her cousin, his life and country mansion. This is the story of an English gentleman who goes off to World War I only to be returned not in a body bag or physically injured but with a severe case of amnesia. He does not recognize his pretty, smart wife; starts a youthful affair with a poor woman who is also married. The woman comes forth in the interest of helping him. The balance of the plot hangs in the consequences of recovery. The balance of the full experience of the novel is to watch characters changing or not changing their class prejudices and outlook in light of their experiences on this country estate. The novel is only 90 pages ... Read more

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ISBN: 014118065X
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...aspiration of becoming com- pletely reconciled to life. It was his hopeless hope that some time he would have an experience that would act on his life like alchemy, turning to gold all the dark metals of events, and from that revelation he would go on his way rich with an inextin- guishable joy. There had been, of course, no chance of his ever getting it. Literally there wasn't room to swing a revelation in his crowded life. First of all, at his father's death he had been ob- liged to take over a business that was weighted by the needs of a mob of female relatives who were all useless either in the old way, with antimacassars, or in the new way, with golf-clubs; then Kitty had come along and picked up his conception of normal expenditure, and carelessly stretched it as a woman stretches a new glove on her hand. Then there had been the difficult task of learning to live after the, death of his little son. It had lain on us, the responsibility, which gave us dignity, to compensate him...

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