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the preaching of islam a history of the propagation of the muslim faith

by thomas walker arnold

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Though this work is confessedly, as explained in the Introduction, a record of missionary efforts and not a history of persecutions, I have endeavoured to be strictly impartial and to conform to the ideal laid down by the Christian historian 2 who chronicled the successes of the Ottomans and the fall of Constantinople…
A 1913 treatise by Sir Thomas Walker Arnold (1864 - 1930), an eminent British orientalist.

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ISBN: 1143059786
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...Muslims ; that we will not teach our children the Qur'an ; ^ that we will not make a show of the Christian religion nor invite any one to embrace it ; that we will not prevent any of our kinsmen from embracing Islam, if they so desire. That we will honour the Muslims and rise up in our assemblies when they wish to take their seats ; that we will not imitate them in our dress, either in the cap, turban, sandals, or parting of the hair; that we will not make use of their expressions of speech, ^ nor adopt their surnames ; that we will not ride on saddles, or gird on swords, or take to ourselves arms or wear them, or engrave Arabic inscriptions on our rings ; that we will not sell wine ; that we will shave the front of our heads ; that we will keep to our own style of dress, wherever we may be ; that we will wear girdles round our waists ; that we will not display the cross upon our churches or display our crosses or our sacred books in the streets of the Muslims, or in their market-...

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