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some kouyunjik letters and related span classsearchtermtextsspan

by leroy waterman


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ISBN: 1103561871
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...my gratitude to all my teachers, I wish to make special mention of Professors Friederich Delitzsch, S. R. Driver, G. B. Gray and Otto Pfleiderer. To all of these my thanks are due, but pre-eminently to Professor Robert Francis Harper, under whose direction I have been permitted to complete my graduate work, do I owe more than I can well express. However, for the results of this paper and the views therein expressed, I alone am responsible. in 257697 THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SEMITIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES (CONTINUING HEBRAICA) Volume XXIX OCTOBER, 1912 Number 1 SOME KOUYUNJIK LETTERS AND RELATED TEXTS By Leroy Waterman Among others, the following texts of the Kouyunjik collections in the British Museum were copied by me during a stay in London in 1911. According to the catalogue these texts with three excep- tions may be classified as letters. The exceptions are K. 1545 and 83-1-18, 249 which are catalogued as reports and K. 992 which is described as a note on private affairs....

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