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r caldecotts picture book no 2

by Caldecott Randolph

Author: Caldecott Randolph

Arts & Photography » Drawing

Language: English

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Randolph Caldecott was one of the most famous British illustrators. He changed the world of illustrated children's books in the Victorian era. In 1877, he was asked by Edmund Evans, the color printer and gifted engraver, to illustrate two children's books. These books were extremely successful and he continued producing two books every Christmas until he died. Caldecott chose all the stories and rhymes he illustrated and occasionally wrote and added to the stories himself. His adorable style and humour can still be enjoyed by young and old alike. This book, 'R. Caldecott's Picture Book No. 2', is a collection of the stories he published in 1880-1881. Many of the earliest children's books are now extremely rare and unbelievably expensive.

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...R. CALDECOTT'S PICTURE BOOK No. 2 Frederick Warnc e C9 - Printtd in Great Britain NY PUBLIC LIBRARY THE BRANCH LIBRARIES 3 3333 07718 5763 R. CALDECOTT'S PICTURE BOOK (No. 2) CONTAINING THE THREE JOVIAL HUNTSMEN SING A SONG FOR SIXPENCE THE QUEEN OF HEARTS THE FARMER'S BOY '- LONDON FREDERICK WARNE AND CO, LTD. AND NEW YORK Printed tn Grsaf Britain CITY Of KEW TOfiK THE THREE JOVIAL HUNTSMEN. MANHAI] The THREE JOVIAL HUNTSMEN, FT'S of three jovial huntsmen, an' a hunting they did go; An* they hunted, an* they hollo'd, an' they blew their horns also Look ye there ! An' one said, " Mind yo'r e'en, an' keep yo'r noses reel i'th' wind An' then, by scent or seta, we'll leet o' summat to our mind. " Look ye there 1 >lii They hunted, an' they hollo'd, an' the first ining they did find Was a tatter't boggart, in a field, an' that they left behind. Look ye there ! One said it was a boggart, an' another he said " Nay; It's just a ge'man-farmer, that has gone an' lost his way. " Look ye there !...



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