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prose and poetry for children

by henry meade bland

Author: henry meade bland

Nonfiction » Education » Education Theory » History

Language: English

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ISBN: 1400095395
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...said in a dozen lines, but a splendid tale like that of Troy ; one Roman story ; one Norse ; one Teutonic legend ; and one Arthurian tale. Nothing develops a love of poetry like a judicious use of memory work. The selections used should be short, beautiful and emotional. A first requisite is that the teacher herself appreciate in its fulness the selection. This is demanded that she may give the desired interpre- tation. There are two steps in the method ; first an at- tempt to make clear the meaning of the lines, second such intensity of study of the wording and expression as will fix the exact form in the mind. Suppose the class is an upper grade, and the poem is Henry van Dyke's "Inscription for a Fireplace. " "When the logs are burning free, Then the fire is full of glee; When the heart gives out its best, Then the talk is full of zest: Light your fire and never fear, Life was made for love and cheer. " . Before memorizing this several alluring pictures of old-fashioned fireplaces...



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