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methods of education in the united states microform

by alice zimmern

Author: alice zimmern

Nonfiction » Education

Language: English

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ISBN: 0880107049
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...makes them, self-reliant, quick and ready of expression, but it does not make them neat, or methodical, or accurate. English teachers would be greatly shocked at the style of much of the American written w r ork. American teachers would be even more shocked at the untidy, scrappy answers given by many of our pupils, at their inability to think quickly, and their very slight power of using books unless the exact reference has been given by the teacher. A mixture of the two systems would produce admirable results, but even an interchange would METHODS OF TEACHING 49 be valuable. The American child thinks quickly, but dislikes being tied down by rule or method. Some of our drill and mechanical work would be of value to him. The English child thinks slowly, naturally relies on his teacher, and rather likes mechanical work. For him the quick questioning and training in expressing his own thoughts would be of the greatest value. As a matter of fact, each nation does what it finds easiest. At...



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