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magna britannia et hibernia antiqua nova or a new survey of great britain

by thomas cox

Author: thomas cox

Law » United States

Language: English

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...and in War, built him a C&&\c&t Cukeney in War y and being reftored, founded this Abbey of Wdbeck, in the Reign of King Henry II. He began it in the Reign of King; Stephen, but did not -finilh it, till Henry obtained the Crown. He dedicated it to A a a St. St. James, and by his Charter direSed to Roger Archbifhop of York, gave and granted to St. Berengxrius Abbot of Wei- beck, and to all his Succcflbrs, and the Brethren of that Place regularly ferving God, according to the Order of the Pne- tnonjlwtenfes, by the Counfel of St. Serh, Abbot of Ne&piti in Lir:rol>ijl)ire, in free, quiet, ard perpetual Alms, the Site of the Abbey, and all the Lands between the Abbey, ^~and a Place called Belgh, confifting in Meadows, Paftures, Woods, tilled Lands, and the whole Sart nigh it; as alfo his Interell in the Church of St. Mary of Cukeney, in which the faid Ab- bey flood; the Churches of EtiveJl in Darbyjhire, and Whitene, which were in his Fee ; the Mill of Langnet, and the...

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