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history of south dakota volume 1

by Robinson Doane

Author: Robinson Doane

Books » History » World » Expeditions & Discoveries

Language: English

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...terrible than any other recorded in histor\-. The plague 134 HISTORY OF SOUTH DAKOTA. prevailed from Fort Pierre to the mountains, but was most severe among the Mandans. That powerful tribe being literal!}' extinguished, only thirty souls sur\-iving the awful pestilence. The smallest estimate of deaths on the river from this plague is fifteen thousand, but most writers place the death roll at a much higher figure. Audubon's journal places it at one hundred and fifty thousand, but this is probably a typograph- ical error, at any rate is an exaggeration. Several years elapsed before the trade recovered its nor- mal condition. The mortality among the Fort Pierre Indians was slight, but the Grand river Sioux suflfered terribly. The pestilence was brought into the country by one of the American Fur Company boats and in the whole matter the weight of evidence shows that the company was criminally culpable. CHAPTER XVI FREMOXT AND NICOLLET VISIT SOUTH DAKOTA. In 1838 Joseph N. Nicollet, a...



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