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high priest

by timothy leary



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ISBN: 0914171801
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...new light-speed realities. May we humbly hope that they will upload a few shards and fragments of these archaeological High Priest chips and around ten other story- books by the author on the World Wide Web. CUA Round. xiv High Priest Timothy Leary Gordon Wasson AnD tO FRlEflDS Rosemary Leary Barbara Leary Joi Ito, Momoko Ito, Scott 8 Mimi Fisher Denis Berry Coco Conn Barbara Fouch 8 John Roseboro Mimi 8 Tom Davis William Burroughs James Grauerholtz Flo-Maynard-Korby Kim-Lisa Ferguson Wilder 8 Christian Ron Turner Lesley Meyers Mondo 8 Jas Morgan Nancy-Barry Sanders Peter-Matt-Teddy Ken R. U. S. Goffman Queen Mu-Steve B. Doug Ruschkoff Eliot Mintz Anita Hoffman Paul Kantner Yoko, Sean, Camella All The Glam-Glitter Getty's Debbie 8 Bill Gibson Alexa 8 Tom Robbins David Prince Shauna-Norman Hajjar Al Jourgeson Perry Farrell Bob Guccione, Jr. R. Crumb Jaron Lanier Pat 8 George Milman John Perry Barlow Doris V. 8 Ian Eldridge Cleaver Paul Krassner Deric De Kerchove Mark Dippe Wes Takahashi...

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