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four comedies

by carlo goldoni

Author: carlo goldoni

Nonfiction » Politics » General

Language: English

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Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni was a celebrated Venetian playwright and librettist of the 18th century. Considerable part of his works portrays the Venetian life, and is written on a dialect. This volume includes four of his most known plays. “The Venetian Twins”, a classical Italian comedy of love and treachery, describing the adventures of young twin brothers, takes place at the majestic ruins once wonderful palace. “The Artful Widow” narrates of a “prudent” woman and her four admirers. “Mirandolina” – a story of love and passion, artful woman and well-off man, heart and cynical gain. And “The Superior Residence”.

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ISBN: 0140442049
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...what you have to say. Nibio. Yesterday, in all sober truth, I ran into something extraordinary, something stupendous, something that might be called a gold mine but I don't want any one else to get at it. I confide the matter only to you, sir, and this lady but keep it dark, for the love of heaven, keep it dark. 98 Four Comedies by Goldonl Act I Lasca. Oh, I'll not speak. Lucrezia. I am a woman and I am young, but I promise and vouch for my secrecy. Lasca. As I told you she's a charming woman. Nibio. Then let me apprise you that a certain Turk, a cele- brated merchant from Smyrna, has arrived at Venice in one of his ships, for the purpose of selling his goods. Some of his friends have put it into his head whether at random or with some self-interest I can't say that it would be a fine thing if he took back a company of musicians to Smyrna men and women who should give opera there. They have pointed out that in this great mercantile port there are numberless Frenchmen, Spaniards,...

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