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certain success 8 9

by norval a hawkins

Author: norval a hawkins

Nonfiction » Education » Education Theory » History

Language: English

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ISBN: 0451625854
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...unfamiliar with the scientific principles underlying theskillful practice of the right selling process is unlikely to realizethat the _first_ sales effort should be concentrated on _winning theprospective buyer's confidence in the salesman and in the goods ofsale_. Failures in selling are often due to the fault of the salesmanwho works primarily for but the _second_ of the immediate results to bedesired; the acceptance of his proposition--the acceptance of hispersonal capabilities and services, for instance. He neglects, as a_preliminary_ to securing acceptance, to gain the _confidence_ of theother man. When you undertake to sell your particular good qualities andyour services to a prospective employer, do not make the mistake insalesmanship of omitting the process of first winning his _belief_ inyou. [Sidenote: Repeat Sales]Besides the two _immediate_ results desired by the skillful salesman, there is a _permanent_ result to be worked for--an enduring consequencedesired from the...

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