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by rebecca ruter springer

Author: rebecca ruter springer

Nonfiction » Politics » General

Language: English

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...and I know Miss Lane will never bear with my impatient moods as did dear Miss Reid. Uncle Ralph came yesterday again. He comes to see us every week, and sometimes much oftener, for he lives in the village, which is only three miles away. He is so handsome, and so good, and such a favorite with all the ladies. Mamma is very proud of him. She thinks any- thing Uncle Ralph does is sure to be right. He is not our "sure-enough uncle, " as little Kittie says, although he is just the same to us as though he were. His mother, who was a widow, married Grandfather Clifford when Uncle BEECHWOOD. 21 Ralph was only five years old and mamma was eleven. Mamma says she remembers so well the first time she ever saw him ; upon the day grandfather brought them home. She says he was a beautiful little boy, with a head very much like Gertie's is now. Grandfather always loved him as his own child, adopted him and gave him his name, and I think, if there is any difference, mamma and Aunt Katie love him...



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