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angels songs from the golden city of the blessed

by edythe morahan de lauzon

Author: edythe morahan de lauzon

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Language: English

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ISBN: 0307001466
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...For we through sin are blind. He holds from us that which we deem, And sometimes think is best, But gives to us a better gift Of peaceful, holy rest. My soul, look up! for Christ the Lord Shall ever be thy stay, And He shall e'er abide with thee, If thou wilt to Him pray. He judges not as we would judge, His ways are gracious, kind, His love is broader than the sea None greater canst thou find. 86 My soul rejoice! for God is here, The Son and Holy Ghost And guarding thee by night and day, Is His angelic host. Oh, sorrow not, but pray to Him, He is thy stay and power His Holy Spirit then will come And bless thee hour by hour! THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM. " BEHOLD !" said the Wise Men, as they gazed up on high, "A brilliant new Star hath appeared in the sky, And sheddeth its light on us from afar O beautiful Star! " Search, search all the scrolls and documents rare, And see if aught new is portended there For it still shineth down on us from afar, O marvellous Star!" " Lo ! we have found here...

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