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all the way with the boys of the 329th field artillery

by 1917 1919 united states army 320th field artillery


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ISBN: 1171768966
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...his outfit. The company, the unit he belongs to. " Buck's military terms were clumsy. "Why 1 don't know. Let me see — " and the wrinkled fingers fumbled in a worn purse. There was an awkward pause. "Well, I do declare! I've LOST his exact address. But" — brightly — "1 know his regiment!" And she named the unit whose territory they were in. "And do you know the outfit he is in?" Perplexity made this motherly old soul more lovable than ever. "No, son, I don't. We can't find him then? Don't you reckon there's some way? You see, our name's Perkins. " The private thought rapidly. Sure there was a way. They'd go to regimental headquarters and get the sergeant major to look up Jimmy Perkins. But he did not tell his quaint visitor all that. He guided her up the board walk with an assurance that Jimmy was as good as found. About the place where a guy wire through the sidewalk lends confidence to a telephone pole, he met a friend. "Billy, ever hear of a Jimmy Perkins?" "Perkins? JiMMY...


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