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a journey in ireland

by wilfrid ewart

Author: wilfrid ewart

Books » Ireland

Language: English

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: A Journey in Ireland 1921 CHAPTER I Life In Dublin A Middle-aged spinster lady eating a fish-course, laid down her fork sharply. " That's a bomb ! " Everybody else in the dining-room stopped eating for a moment. " Yes, that's a bomb I " they agreed —and went on with their talk and their food. A hollow " bang " like the bursting of a motor-car tyre had broken the subdued murmur of the evening streets. And in any other city of the civilised world that sound would have been put down to a motorcar tyre bursting. But this city was Dublin and the hour the normal one... Read more

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ISBN: 1172142556
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...bluffs to the edge of a landl on the far side of which was a hi sand gleaming white in the fadii the glazed surface of the lough swans were feeding, the snowy and the dingy gray full-grown cy ing their long necks deep into th withdrawing them with slow sei coiling. Farther out, a shag wa, black snaky figure low to the watei a graceful plunge and reappearir as scarcely to ripple its surface ] the shore on their floating ne shags sat waiting for their dinr-. >s and white figures sitting bolt fV side with their wi/igs spread de - Slowly the light faded, and J hil and were lost in the grayne Jl tn< the green of the fields m shadow. Only the water gleamed silver, and from of the waders rose and . - whistle of unseen wings . A cr ying tive voices. . He A JOURNEY IN IRELAND A JOURNEY IN IRELAND BY WILFRID EWART CAPTAIN, LATE SPECIAL RESERVE, SCOTS GUARDS AUTHOR OF "WAY OF REVELATION" WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MAJOR, THE EARL WINTERTON, M. P. UNDER- SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA D. APPLETON AND...

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