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a catalogue of rare curious and valuable old books on sale by alfred russell smi

by alfred russell smith


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ISBN: 1112182241
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...Square, London. 45 494 BURKE (Edmund) Life and Character, by James Prior. Thick Svo, portrait, calf gilt. 5s 1839 495 BUEKE (Edmund) Life and Character, with Specimens of his Poetry and Letters, and estimate of his Genius and Talents, by James Prior. Thick 8vo, portrait, half bound. 4s 6d 1824 496 BUEKE (Edmund) History of his Life and Times, by Thomas Macknight. Vols 1 and 2, vol 3 wanting. 8vo, doth, 5s 1858 497 BUEKE' s (Edm. ) Maxims and Opinions, with Characters from his Works. 2 vols in 1, 12mo, portrait and facsimile, calf neat. 4s 6d 1804 498 BUEKE (Edmund) Maxims, Opinions, and Characters. 2 vols, 12mo, portrait, half calf gilt. 3s 6d 1811 499 BUEXET (Bp. ) Memoirs of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castle Herald. Thick 8vo, cloth. 3s 6d Oxford, 1852. 500 BUENS (Eobt. ) Poems chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 2 vols, post Svo, SECOND EDITION, Portrait by Beugo, fine impres- sion, calf neat. 18s Edinb. , 1793 501 BUENS. Life of, with Criticism on his writings, by Jas....

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