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Untamed (House of Night Series #4)

by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Author: P.C. and Kristin Cast

Literature & Fiction

Language: English

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Zoey Redbird has become an undisputed expert in failures. In one week she has gone from having three boyfriends to having none, her tight group of friends, who used to support Zoey, left her, and she became an outcast. The worst thing is that she knows that she knows it’s all her fault. Speaking of friends, the only two Zoey has left are undead, unMarked, and unable to stop arguing with each other. So how can one blame her for becoming friends with the House of Night’s newest transfer student, the majorly hot Olympic archer, James Stark? Meanwhile, Neferet has proclaimed a war with humans after she finds out that the People of the Faith killed two vampires. But Aphrodite’s latest visions show a world completely different ... Read more

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ISBN: B001GN35C0
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...You\'re alone and you\'re really, really scared. You try to call for help, butno one answers you and you\'re so terrified you freeze and don\'t fight back. She, or whatever it is, Page 17 P. C Cast & Kristin Cast: Untamed - House of Night (4)reaches around and somehow, using something dark and hooked, slashes your throat. It is so sharp, itcuts through your neck and severs your head from your shoulders. \" Aphrodite shuddered and thenadded, \"Which, in case you\'re wondering, bleeds. A lot. \"\"Gross, Aphrodite! Did ya have to go into detail?\" Stevie Rae said, putting her arm back around me. \"No, it\'s okay, \" I said quickly. \"Aphrodite has to give all the details she can remember-like she didwhen she saw visions of the deaths of you and Grandma and Heath. It\'s the only way we can figure outhow to change things. So, what else did you see about my second death?\" I asked Aphrodite. \"Just that you call for help, but nothing happens. Everyone ignores you, \" Aphrodite said. \"I was...

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08 Feb 2011 17:59:12

why is there so many /?


27 Jan 2011 17:52:22

amazing :)


20 Jan 2011 19:53:29


14 Jan 2011 20:33:50

why isn't it loading??? i want to read the book!!!!!

11 Jan 2011 14:00:48

it wont load for me!! :( i really wanted to read this one!


07 Jan 2011 17:27:01

it wont load for me :'( im sad now

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author, Melissa Marr, but not even her hot fairiescould keep my attention from wandering. What was I thinking about? Stark, of course. I touched my lips, still feeling his kiss there. What waswrong with me? Why was I letting Stark affect me so much? Okay, yes. He\'d died in my arms and thathad been awful, truly awful.


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\"Yeah, it\'s bad, \" I began. \"There\'s no denying that. We\'re young. We\'re alone. We\'re hurt. Neferetand Kalona are powerful and, as far as we know, they might have all the rest of the fledglings andvampyres on their side. But we have something they\'ll never have. We have love and truth and eachother. We also have Nyx. She\'s Marked each of us, and in some special way, Chosen each of us, too. There has never been a group like us-we\'re completely new. \" I paused, trying to meet everyone\'s eyesand smile confidence to them. Into my pause, Darius spoke. \"Priestess, this evil is like nothing I\'ve felt before, \" he said. \"Nothing I\'ve even heard of before. It is anuntamed thing seething with hatred. When it burst forth from the earth, I felt as if evil had been reborn.


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\"Mom, you\'re gonna think that Satanhas been let loose on earth, and for once you\'re close to right. This thing is bad, and the only way youcan be safe from it is if you get underground, like in a basement or a cave. So get to the church basementand stay there. Okay? I do love you, Mom, and I\'ve made sure that Grandma is safe, too, she\'s withthe-\


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My heart squeezed. \"I am. \"\"Where?\"\"In the old tunnels under the depot, \" I said. \"But they\'re dangerous!\"\"No, no-it\'s not like that anymore. Don\'t worry. You just stay safe, too. \'Kay?\"\" \'Kay, \" he said. I hung up before I said something both of us would regret. Then I dialed the second number I had tocall. My mom didn\'t answer. The phone went to voice mail after five rings. Her overly perky voice said, \"This is the Heffer residence, we love and fear the Lord and wish you a blessed day. Leave us amessage. Amen!


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"What do you want, Zoey?\"\"Listen to me, Heath, I have to be quick. Something terrible has been released at the House of Night. It\'s going to be bad, really bad. I don\'t know for how long because I don\'t know how to stop it. But theonly way you\'ll be safe is if you get underground. It doesn\'t like to be under the earth. Do youunderstand?\"\"Yes, \" he said. \"Do you believe me?\"He didn\'t even hesitate. \"Yes. \"I sighed in relief. \"Get your family and anyone else you care about and get underground. Doesn\'t yourgrandpa\'s house have a big ol\' basement?\"\"Yeah, we can go there. \"\"Good, I\'ll call you again when I can. \"\"Zoey, are you going to be safe, too?\

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