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Throne of Fire

by Rick Riordan

Author: Rick Riordan

Books » Fantasy fiction

Language: English

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“Throne” is the second book of Riordan’s Kane Chronicles series, published by Disney. Its predecessor, “The Red Pyramid,” rose to No. 4 on the New York Times’ bestseller list last spring. The series chronicles a wisecracking brother and sister adventures among ancient Egyptian gods unleashed on the modern world

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ISBN: 1423142012
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...fu offered me his empty Jell-O bowl as a present. Felix halfheartedly started singing “Happy Birthday,” but no one joined him, so he gave up. “Bast said her friend won’t arrive until tomorrow,” I continued. “Amos said it would take Desjardins some time to prepare any sort of attack. Besides, I’ve been planning my trip to London for ages. I think I have time for one bloody day off before the world ends.” The others stared at me. Was I selfish? All right, yes. Irresponsible? Perhaps. So why did I feel so strongly about putting my foot down? This may come as a shock to you, but I don’t like feeling controlled. Carter was dictating what we would do, but as usual he hadn’t told me everything. He’d obviously consulted Amos and Bast already and made a game plan. The...

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His face was gaunt, but his eyes still glittered evilly. He studied the bloodred images in the curtains of light as if he were waiting for something. Est-il all ? he asked, which my grammar school French led me


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That sounded promising until I grasped some less pleasant facts. I still couldn t breathe. My body liked breathing.

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