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Third Twin

by Ken Follett

Author: Ken Follett

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

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Genetic research is very popular science field of activity where works Dr Jeannie Ferram. Her pioneering programme studies identical twins who have been raised apart, hoping to advance the "nature versus nurture" argument. What long-buried secret is the Ferrami programme on the verge of uncovering?

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ISBN: 0449227421
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...have orders from above to let you. All the same I urge you to think again. He is a violent and dangerous criminal." Jeannie felt a tremor of anxiety, but she stayed outwardly cool. "There will be an armed guard in the room all the time we're with Dennis." "There sure will. But I'd be more comfortable if there was a steel mesh separating you from the prisoner." He gave a sickly grin. "A man doesn't even have to be a psychopath to suffer temptation with two such attractive young girls." Jeannie stood up abruptly. "I appreciate your concern, Warden, I really do. But we have to carry out certain procedures, such as taking a blood sample, photographing the subject, and so on, which can't be done through bars. Furthermore, parts of our interview are intimate and we feel it would THE THIRD TWIN 131 compromise our results to have such an artificial banier between us and the subject." He shrugged. "Well, I guess you'll be okay." He stood up. "I'll...

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13 Dec 2010 20:51:12

Wow! Riveting!

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