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The collected works of Henrik Ibsen

by Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928

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Title vignette v.1. Lady Inger of Östråt. The feast of Solhoug. Love's comedy.--v.2. The vikings at Helgeland. The pretenders.--v.3. Brand.--v.4. Peer Gynt.--v.5. Emperor and Galilean.--v.6. The league of youth. Pillars of Society.--v.7. A doll's house. Ghosts.--v.8. An enemy of the people. The wild duck.--v.9. Rosmersholm. The lady from the sea.--v.10. Hedda Gabler. The master builder.--v.11. Little Eyolf. John Gabriel Borkman. When we dead awaken.--v.12. From Ibsen's workshop : notes, scenarios, and drafts of the modern plays, tr. by A. G. Chater.--v. 13. Henrik Ibsen. By E. Gosse

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ISBN: 0199536198
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