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The Titan's Curse

by Rick Riordan

Author: Rick Riordan

Books » Children's Books » Series » Fantasy & Adventure

Language: English

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Annabeth Chase and Artemis were suddenly disappeared while hunting for a rare monster, as Thalia, Zoë Nightshade, Bianca Di Angelo, and Grover were also doing this. Percy and his friends ought to find Artemis before meeting of the Olympian council in order to change the war conditions with the Titans.

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ISBN: 1423101480
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...She's been known to fry off people's eyebrows. "Sorry," Thalia said, though she didn't sound particularly sorry. "Now, is everybody clear?" Everybody nodded. We broke into our smaller groups. The horn sounded, and the game began. Silena's group disappeared into the woods on the left. Thalia's group gave it a few seconds, then darted off toward the right. I waited for something to happen. I climbed Zeus's Fist and had a good view over the forest. I remembered how the Hunters had stormed out of the woods when they fought the manticore, and I was prepared for something like that-one huge charge that could overwhelm us. But nothing happened. I caught a glimpse of Silena and her two scouts. They ran through a clearing, followed by 120 | P a g e five of the Hunters, leading them deep into the woods and away from Thalia. The plan seemed to be working. Then I spotted another clump of Hunters heading to the right, bows ready. They must've spotted Thalia. ...




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