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The Silver Wolf

by Alice Borchardt



Regeane is a fatherless royal relation who happens to be a werewolf. Her guardian, Gundabald, and his venal son Hugo plan to recoup their fortunes by marrying Regeane to a wealthy bridegroom, even though she might inadvertently make him into a bedtime snack. Gundabald forces her into apparent compliance by threatening to reveal her secret to the Church, which would burn her at the stake. As the bridegroom, Maeniel, journeys to Rome to claim her, Regeane discovers allies in her quest to defeat Gundabald's machinations, including some very strong, funny, and levelheaded women. Unfortunately for Regeane, she also has more powerful enemies than Gundabald.

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ISBN: 0345423615
8 of 10 Votes: 9

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...Desire without conscience, memory, or regret. Regeane yielded to the wolf as she had to Lucilla's touch. They were one and the same. Her head slipped back to rest, eyes closed, against Lucilla's shoulder while the long fingers explored her body. "Come," Lucilla whispered, guiding Regeane toward the flight of steps at the end of the pool. "Come out of the water where my kisses can delight you." They lay together on linen towels beside the pool. True, Lucilla was no longer young, but she was beautiful, skin soft, muscles firm and taut, belly flat and tight, her big breasts upright, ripe, and full. Only her hands and face showed her age--the soft pleating of the skin of her wrists and the sadness of her eyes as she bent over Regeane's young body. "Ah, what torment. Why do I torment myself so?" she whispered. "What torment?" Regeane asked as she reached up with her own hands, trying to give back some of the exquisite pleasure wrought by Lucilla's gentle, sure fingers. "Hush," Lucilla...

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28 Jan 2011 14:30:52

I have first read the series six years ago. Since I lost my copies from PCSing, I was able to find and read again on this site. The Silver Wolf is a great novel that can be read over and over again and seems still fresh and new. If you enjoy history intertwined with fantasy and with an intense new perspective of werewolves, this is definitely a tale for you.

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