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The Prussian Officer

by Lawrence David Herbert

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Author: Lawrence David Herbert


Language: English

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A short story by David Herbert Richards Lawrence, best known for his scandalous novel “Lady Chatterley's Lover”.
“The Prussian Officer” revolves around the concept of quelling one's emotions. Lawrence tells of a soldier, who witnesses the officer unmercifully beating his batman. Struck by these beatings, the solder falls for a sudden fit of anger and kills him. Unable to endure such a shock, he eventually goes out of his mind and dies in the woods.

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ISBN: 1429781300
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...himself to be always on the point ofbreaking out. But he kept himself hard to the idea of the Service. Whereas the young soldier seemed to live out his warm, full nature, togive it off in his very movements, which had a certain zest, such aswild animals have in free movement. And this irritated the officer moreand more. In spite of himself, the Captain could not regain his neutrality offeeling towards his orderly. Nor could he leave the man alone. In spiteof himself, he watched him, gave him sharp orders, tried to take up asmuch of his time as possible. Sometimes he flew into a rage with theyoung soldier, and bullied him. Then the orderly shut himself off, as itwere out of earshot, and waited, with sullen, flushed face, for theend of the noise. The words never pierced to his intelligence, he madehimself, protectively, impervious to the feelings of his master. He had a scar on his left thumb, a deep seam going across the knuckle. The officer had long suffered from it, and wanted to do...



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