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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

by Doyle Arthur Conan Sir

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ISBN: 0486477835
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...thecontents of his pockets might help me to form a conclusion. "And they did so. You cannot have forgotten the singular knife which wasfound in the dead man's hand, a knife which certainly no sane man wouldchoose for a weapon. It was, as Dr. Watson told us, a form of knifewhich is used for the most delicate operations known in surgery. And itwas to be used for a delicate operation that night. You must know, withyour wide experience of turf matters, Colonel Ross, that it is possibleto make a slight nick upon the tendons of a horse's ham, and to do itsubcutaneously, so as to leave absolutely no trace. A horse so treatedwould develop a slight lameness, which would be put down to a strain inexercise or a touch of rheumatism, but never to foul play. ""Villain! Scoundrel!" cried the Colonel. "We have here the explanation of why John Straker wished to take thehorse out on to the moor. So spirited a creature would have certainlyroused the soundest of sleepers when it felt the prick of the...

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