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The Last Unicorn

by Peter S Beagle

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Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn has sold at least six million copies around the world since it was published in 1968, and tens of millions of viewers have delighted in the animated film version (for which Peter also wrote the screenplay). But none of the fans of this amazing work have ever known the full story of how The Last Unicorn came to be. In 1962, the 23 year-old Beagle was at a career crossroads. His fantasy novel A Fine and Private Place had been released to great critical acclaim in 1960, but his mainstream second book had been flatly rejected by his publisher.

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ISBN: 1600108512
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...n. Now send for her, and for my men at arms." Aisling looked sick and wretched. Her small, freckled face was ashen white, and I could see the bones beneath the skin. Her eyes were purple and swollen, and her curling red hair unkempt. "Liadan," she whispered, heedless of her brother's grim looks and of the six men at arms waiting in the hall. "Oh, Liadan, you came! Where's Sean?" "Waiting for you at Sevenwaters," I said calmly, though I could have wept to see the state my friend was in. "Your brother has given you permission to go. These men will see you safely there. I've asked the women to pack you a little bag, and your horse is ready. You'll leave right away." "Oh, Liadan, thank you. Oh, thank you, Eamonn!" It was just as well, I thought, that she was at such an extreme o...

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02 Feb 2012 04:32:49

Found the title
The Actual title of the book is "Son of the Shadows" by Juliet Marillier. It is the second book in a series of three. Very good book.

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18 Nov 2011 03:39:55

Wrong Title
The Title says the books should be "The Last Unicorn," unfortunately it is no that book. I am not sure what book it is, but it is not the right one. I assure you that it is a good book, but if you had your heart set on reading "The Last Unicorn," then I am afraid that this is not it...

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