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The Last Olympian

by Rick Riordan

Author: Rick Riordan

Books » Children's Books » Series » Fantasy & Adventure

Language: English

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Percy and his friends try to protect Mount Olympus from the impending doubt of Kronos in awful fight. With many surprises and challenges, Kronos drives the protectors of Olympus to the doors of the Empire State Building. He continues to Mt. Olympus, destroying many of the structures there.

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ISBN: 1423101502
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...to the western front. We have to neutralize those leviathans." The dolphin spoke in a chattering voice, but I could understand it in my mind: Yes, lord! It sped away. I looked in dismay at Tyson, then back at the old man. It didn't seem possible, but . . . "Dad?" I asked. The old man looked up. I recognized the twinkle in his eyes, but his face . . . he looked like he'd aged forty years. "Hello, Percy." "What-what happened to you?" Tyson nudged me. He was shaking his head so hard Iwas afraid it would fall off, but Poseidon didn't look offended. "It's all right, Tyson," he said. "Percy, excuse my appearance. The war has been hard on me." "But you're immortal," I said quietly. "You can look . . . any way you want." "I reflect the state of my realm," he said. "And right now that state is quite grim. Percy, I should introduce you-I'm afraid you just missed my lieutenant Delphin, God of the Dolphins. This is my, er, wife,...




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