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The Economist

by Xenophon

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Author: Xenophon

Books » Smith, Adam,1723-1790

Language: English

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ISBN: 117171114X
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...equal intervals, the long straightrows of waving branches, the perfect regularity, the rectangular [18]symmetry of the whole, and the many sweet scents which hung about themas they paced the park. In admiration he exclaimed to Cyrus: "All thisbeauty is marvellous enough, but what astonishes me still more is thetalent of the artificer who mapped out and arranged for you the severalparts of this fair scene. " [19] Cyrus was pleased by the remark, andsaid: "Know then, Lysander, it is I who measured and arranged it all. Some of the trees, " he added, "I planted with my own hands. " ThenLysander, regarding earnestly the speaker, when he saw the beauty ofhis apparel and perceived its fragrance, the splendour [20] also of thenecklaces and armlets, and other ornaments which he wore, exclaimed:"What say you, Cyrus? did you with your own hands plant some of thesetrees?" whereat the other: "Does that surprise you, Lysander? I swearto you by Mithres, [21] when in ordinary health I never dream...



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