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The Diary Of A Young Girl

by Anne Frank

Author: Anne Frank

Books » Drama

Language: English

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Anne Frank’s diary which tells about terrible things happening in war and moral fortitude of a human being was found in the attic where she spent the lees of life. The story takes place in 1942 when a Jewish family – a teenager girl and her relatives had to leave their home in Holland as being chased by Nazis who occupied the country. Unfortunately Nazis found got to know where the family was hiding and they had to live cloistered in the “Secret Annex” of an old building. Having no contact with the rest of the world they struggled for survival dealing with lack of food, absence of entertainment, cruelty and absurdity of living this kind of life. This impressive novel full of shocking and weird events reveals the courage and at the s... Read more

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ISBN: 0307594009
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...Van D. 's soup bowls. "Oh!" she angrily exclaimed. "Can't you be more careful? That was my last one. "Please bear in mind, Kitty, that the two ladies speak abominable Dutch (I don't darecomment on the gentlemen: they'd be highly insulted). If you were to hear theirbungled attempts, you'd laugh your head off. We've given up pointing out their errors, since correcting them doesn't help anyway. Whenever I quote Mother or Mrs. VanDaan, I'll write proper Dutch instead of trying to duplicate their speech. Last week there was a brief interruption in our monotonous routine. This was providedby Peter -- and a book about women. I should explain that Margot and Peter areallowed to read nearly all the books Mr. Kleiman lends us. But the adults preferred tokeep this special book to themselves. This immediately piqued Peter's curiosity. Whatforbidden fruit did it contain? He snuck off with it when his mother was downstairstalking, and took himself and his booty to the loft. For two days all was...


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