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The DaVinci Code

by Dan Brown

Author: Dan Brown

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Language: English

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First published in 2003, this novel of the American writer Dan Brown quickly became bestseller all over the world. Almost ten million copies sold, movie of the same name hitting the screens… that’s what popularity is. Though many scientists criticized the book and its author, it for sure helped to attract mass attention to myths and theories in Christian history.
Mystery is the centre of the book that unites such lines as detective thriller and conspiracy theory. The main character is Dr. Robert Langdon, a Harvard University Professor studying Religious Symbolism. One day in Louvre he finds the dead Jacques Sauniere, the museum’s curator. But not simply dead… on his naked body there was a cryptic note written with his own blood... Read more

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ISBN: 0307474275
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...car. Bloody, he wandered the outskirts of a smallvillage looking in vain for food. Finally, his body too weak to take another step, he lay down by theside of the road and slipped into unconsciousness. The light came slowly, and the ghost wondered how long he had been dead. A day? Three days? Itdidn't matter. His bed was soft like a cloud, and the air around him smelled sweet with candles. Jesus was there, staring down at him. I am here, Jesus said. The stone has been rolled aside, andyou are born again. He slept and awoke. Fog shrouded his thoughts. He had never believed in heaven, and yet Jesuswas watching over him. Food appeared beside his bed, and the ghost ate it, almost able to feel theflesh materializing on his bones. He slept again. When he awoke, Jesus was still smiling down, speaking. You are saved, my son. Blessed are those who follow my path. Again, he slept. It was a scream of anguish that startled the ghost from his slumber. His body leapt out of bed, staggered down a...




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