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The Adventures of Augie March

by Saul Bellow


Ranging from the depths of poverty to the heights of success (and back), this is the chronicle of a modern-day Columbus in search of reality and fulfillment. It concerns Augie March, a poor Chicago boy growing up during the Great Depression.

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ISBN: 0143039571
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...seemed he wasn't going to lecture me at all. I must have looked too sicklow, gaunt, pushed to an extreme, burned. Last time we met I had had my Evanston fat on me; I had come to consult him about the adoption. "Well, you haven't been doing so well, it looks like." "No." "German was caught. How did you get away?" "By dumb luck." "Dumb? In a hot car, without even changing the plates! Talk about brainlessness! Well, they brought him back. The picture was in the Times. You want to see?" No, I didn't want to, for I knew what it would be like: between two hefty detectives and probably trying to tip his hat over his eyes as much as his held arms would allow, and spare his family direct eyes into the camera, or his plastered face. It was always like that. "How come it took you so long to get back?" said Einhorn. "I bummed, and I wasn't very lucky." "But why did you have to bum? Your brother told me he was sending you the money to Buffalo." "Why, did he come and tell you?" I creased...



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