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Ten Big Ones

by Janet Evanovich

Author: Janet Evanovich

Mystery & Thrillers » Mystery

Language: English

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Stephanie Plum, girl bounty hunter, the terror of Trenton, the bane of her boyfriend Joe Morelli's existence, and the delight of her crazy grandma's heart, is in the wrong place at the wrong time--as usual. Just happening to be indulging her nachos jones at a local deli when it's robbed by the notorious Red Devils, Plum is the eye witness who could put the gang leader, known as the Junkman, behind bars... if he just lets her live long enough. Looking for a place to hide out from the killer until the cops catch up with him, Stephanie sneaks into her fellow bounty hunter Ranger's apartment without telling Morelli, who's not overly fond of him. All the usual suspects in this long-running series are along for a wilder than ever ride, including ... Read more

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...always Bob's first choice of bathroom, and as a result the grass was scorched brown. Bob returned to the house, Morelli closed and locked the front door, and we stood there for a moment sucking in the silence. This wasn't one of my better days,' I said to Morelli. 'My car was destroyed, I was involved in a shooting, and I just sat through the dinner from hell.' Morelli slung an arm around me. 'Dinner wasn't that bad.' 'My sister talked cuddle umpkins to Kloughn for two hours, my mother and grandmother cried every time someone mentioned the wedding, Mary Alice whinnied nonstop, and the baby threw up on you.' 'Yeah, but aside from that 'Not to mention, Grandma got completely snookered and passed out at the table.' 'She was the smart one.' Morelli said. 'You were the hero.' 'I wouldn't actually have shot him,' Morelli said. 'Not to loll, anyway.' 'My family is a disaster!' Morelli grinned. I've called you Cupcake for as long as I can remember, but I'm rethinking it after...




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