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Stranger in a Strange Land

by Robert A. Heinlein


One of the greatest science fiction novels ever published, Stranger in a Strange Land's original manuscript had 50,000 words cut. Now they have been reinstated for this special 30th anniversary trade edition. A Mars-born earthling arrives on this planet for the first time as an adult, and the sensation he creates teaches Earth some unforgettable lessons.

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ISBN: 0441788386
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...to answer. "Have a nice nap?" "Fair," the woman answered peevishly. "My back aches." "I'll rub it." "Doesn't help much. Why are you always fiddling around in my closet? Is something wrong?" Jill tried to reswallow her stomach. The woman wasn't really suspicious, she told herself. "Mice," she said vaguely. "'Mice?' Oh, I can't abide mice! I'll have to have another room, right away!" Jill tore the little instrument off the closet wall and stuffed it into her pocket, jumped down from the chair and spoke to the patient. "Now, now, Mrs. Fritschlie-I was just looking to see if there were any mouse holes in that closet. There aren't." "You're sure?" "Quite sure. Now let's rub the back, shall we? Easy over." Jill decided she could not plant the bug in that room again and concluded that she would risk attempting to place it in the empty room which was part of K-12, the Suite of the Man from Mars. But it was almost...

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25 Nov 2010 23:07:42

Don't we sometimes feel like the title?

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