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Spell of the highlander

by Karen Marie Moning


He is all that is shamelessly erotic in a man. In her sexiest Highlander novel yet, New York Times bestselling author Karen Moning stirs up a sizzling brew of ancient mystery and modern passion as she brings together a devilishly handsome Celtic warrior trapped in time . . . and the woman who’s about to pay the ultimate price for freeing him. Age-old secrets haunt them. Deadly danger and irresistible desire shadow their every move. It’s a relationship for the ages. And all that separates them is a mere thirteen hundred years. .

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ISBN: 0440240972
8 of 10 Votes: 45

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...over to it. Place her cold palms against the colder glass. Hard silvered glass. Nothing more. No way anything had come out of that. Squaring her shoulders, she turned her back on the relic. Moving stiffly, she retrieved her backpack from the floor, scooped up the books the professor wanted, stuffed them into her bag, let herself out, and locked up the office. For the first time in the entire history of her academic career, Jessi did the unthinkable: She ditched classes, went home, took some aspirin, tugged on her favorite Godsmack T- shirt, crawled into bed, pulled the covers up over her head. And hid. She never gave up. Never abandoned her plans and schedule. Never failed to meet things head-on. As tight as her schedule was, if she let a single thing slip or fall behind, a dozen others were affected. One tiny lapse could initiate a wildly entropic downward spiral. Ergo, everything had to be tackled and completed as planned. Last winter, she'd trudged to class in the middle of...

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03 Jul 2011 05:06:57

Totally different from what i expected- in a good way! Great book. For someone who''s a fan of the fantasy genre, it's a refreshing new kind of storyline.


20 Jan 2011 05:37:29

3 Sounds interesting…..


02 Dec 2010 21:18:31

KMM has an amazing way of captivating a reader. As with all of her novels, I read this in one sitting!


25 Nov 2010 23:06:54

Good good good!


30 Oct 2010 16:03:57

A good read. Love the series. have been a fan since the first time ive read it.


13 Oct 2010 23:29:32

A great read, funny and light and of course sexy

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You fit me here, woman. " He thumped his chest with his fist.




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