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Something to Remember Me By

by Saul Bellow

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Two novellas and a short story by the 1976 Nobel Prize-winner, in which three people - two men and a woman, tell stories of the past, of their hopes and disappointments. Intrigues of surprising drama, the stories comprise an exploration of the gift, and the price, of memory.

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ISBN: 0140174265
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...bootleg, of course. Holding the flowers high, I parted the mourners. I was quasiofficial. The message went out, "Let the kid through. Go right on, buddy." The long passageway was full, too, but the dining room was entirely empty. There, a dead girl lay in her coffin. Over her a cut-glass luster was hanging from a taped, deformed artery of wire pulled through the broken plaster. I hadn't expected to find myself looking down into a coffin. You saw her as she was, without undertaker's makeup, a girl older than Stephanie, not so plump, thin, fair, her straight hair arranged on her dead shoulders. All buoyancy gone, a weight that counted totally on support, not so much lying as sunk in this gray rectangle. I saw what I took to be the pressure mark of fingers on her cheek. Whether she had been pretty or not was no consideration. A stout woman (certainly the mother), wearing black, opened the swing door from the kitchen and saw me standing over the corpse. I thought she was displeased when...

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09 Jan 2011 05:49:29

why do I get the creeps?

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