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Something Borrowed

by Emily Giffin

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Something Borrowed tells the story of Rachel, a young attorney living and working in Manhattan. Rachel has always been the consummate good girl---until her thirtieth birthday, when her best friend, Darcy, throws her a party. That night, after too many drinks, Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy's fiancé.

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ISBN: 0312321198
7 of 10 Votes: 16

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...inst his chest as though he were praying. "I ask the questions in this classroom. If that's all right with you, Mr. Thaler?" Dex shrugged as if to say, have it your way, makes no difference to me. "Well, let's suppose that I accidentally dropped my paper onto your desk, and you returned it and were injured. Would Mr. Cardozo allow you full recovery?" "Sure." "And why is that?" Dex sighed to show that the exercise was boring him and then said swiftly and clearly, "Because it was entirely foreseeable that the dynamite could cause injury to me. Your dropping the paper containing dynamite into my personal space violated my legally protected interest. Your negligent act caused a hazard apparent to the eye of ordinary vigilance." I studied the highlighted portions of my book. D...




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